Popular Culinary Delicacies of the region:

  • Andhra Bhojanam : Andhra Bhojanam is a South Indian vegetarian lunch menu.Andhra cuisine is known for its spicy, hot, and tangy taste.An Andhra meal typically consists of rice served with ghee, pulihora, chapati or puri, pappu (lentils), sambar, chaaru (rasam), fried and wet curries, appadam (papadum), odiyalu, chutney, pachadi, avakaya, yoghurt and a sweet for dessert. In general, food from the Vijayawada-Guntur region contains more chili and spices than food from the rest of Andhra Pradesh. Rice is considered the main dish and everything else is considered as side dish.
  • Punugulu – Snack of Vijayawada : Punugulu is a traditional, deep-fried snack from Andhra Pradesh.  It’s made from rice, urad dal, and other spices.  Punugulu is crispy, crunchy, and fluffy.  It’s often served with chutneys like peanut, coconut, tomato, verusanaga, toordal, or capsicum peanut. 
  • Idli – Popular Breakfast of Vijayawada : Idli is a traditional Indian breakfast. It is highly popular in the southern regions of India, but you can find varieties of Idlis all over India. Though the ingredients and method of preparing Idli are the same in all states, the taste varies from state to state and region to region within the states. Andhra style Idli is quite famous among the people of South India. It is native to Andhra Pradesh and uses locally procured ingredients to prepare Idlis.